TrueBuild® Layout with Wall Panels

From plans, to walls, to panels, and everything above. Introducing a new level of sophisticated design tools for component manufacturers, built from the ground up.

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Empowering component manufacturers with sophisticated building tools, that get your projects designed and built faster than ever.


Framing assemblies provides the panel designer the ability to create centralized libraries for all framing methods and combinations used in the design of wall panels for a 3D model.

  • Framing assemblies manages all of the different types of framing that makes up a panel.
  • Examples of the framing assemblies are: Headers, Jacks, Sills, Subcomponents, Dimensional Lumber, Sheathing, Components, Walls
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Command total control of the entire framing model. Edit Framing allows the designer to make multiple changes at one time throughout the model.

  • Verify wall heights, thicknesses and types
  • Easily visualize critical project details within the model
  • Manipulate sheathing optio
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TrueBuild® Layout with Wall Panels

Wall component


In Break and Review designers break the walls into various panels. Designers can then review the panels created (breaks) for production and shipping.

  • True, real time 3D view of the panel for a complete visual at all times.
  • Change all of the internal elements/pieces of the panel
  • Change individual members of panel
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Critical functionality for large models, our multi-family design tools allows the panel designer to seamlessly integrate pre-created units, eliminating duplicate work.

  • Copy layers saving design time.
  • Designer can control how the units are merged into the larger model utilizing multiple options for total control in placing the units.
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This functionality allows a user complete control of creating bundles (stacks) of wall panels for shipping to the jobsite. Bundling includes a 3D view in real time to get a true sense of exactly how the panels will be stacked and delivered.

  • Add panels to a bundle, create new bundles, create new levels of a bundle
  • Complete ability to manipulate existing panels with functions such as Shift, Move, Rotate and Move Level to get the bundle as needed to ship and deliver to the jobsite per customer specifications.
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