Seamless efficiency

TrueBuild® Layout creates the envelope of the structure by defining the walls, roof and floor systems into a fully realized 3D model.

TrueBuild® Layout

Automatically determines the placement and profile of all required structural members.

Seamless Integration. Users can move between layout and other TrueBuild® platform applications in harmony. Design trusses directly within layout, create pricing and quotations and assign groups for batch program for use in production and stacking orders.

Flexible Parametric Modeling Tools & Precision Accuracy

Allows users to make design modifications that automatically populate changes throughout the model. Ex: changes to wall heights, ceiling planes, etc.

In a parametric model, each entity has parameters associated with it. These parameters control the various geometric properties of the entity, such as the length, width and height. They also control the locations of these entities within the model

Layout Features


Highquality 3D views in a completely customizable windows environment. Users have complete control to natively display 2D and 3D views on individual monitors, split side by side or stacked in any desired configuration.


Automatically match roof planes with the match fascia options that allow the user to adjust planes by referencing the heel, cantilever or overhang in the layout.

Cad File Integration

Import, Trace and Save .dwg and .dxf CAD files. Export 2D or 3D CAD files of layouts.

Define Groups

Create truss groups in layout that can be shared down the line in Truss, Batch Cutting and Management.


Changes made to the ceiling properties automatically populate changes throughout the entire three-dimensional model automatically. Ceilings and truss profiles automatically adjust to the new specified ceiling specifications

Layout Features

Automatically cap trusses too tall for fabrication or shipping based on user defined presets.

Add quality 3D images to your layout output in plan finishing. The user has complete control on the angle and details shown on the layout and can include section views of the structure as well where necessary. The 3D details automatically update on the plan as changes are made to the layout.

User defined constraints allow roof truss openings to be created and passed seamlessly to final truss design.

Create detailed notes in plan finishing detailing such as wall length, width, height that automatically update with the layout as changes are made.

Create user defined hipsets through preset controls that can be shared among other designers with one file.

User sees graphically where connections are being made and has the option to connect or disconnect trusses where appropriate so that the correct details are passed to the engineering program for design.

  • Automatically Cap Tall Trusses
  • Add 3D Viewport to Output
  • Define Attic & Chase Openings
  • Wall Notes
  • Hipset Design
  • Connect/Disconnect Trusses