Seamless efficiency

Allows users to upload truss designs for our experienced Engineering Department to review for final seals.

TrueBuild Send4Seals

Eagle metal users Are notified and can quickly check their project’s status online.

Once the component manufacturer has all of the designs agreed to by their customer, the user sends the trusses to be sealed (by a licensed professional engineer in the state in which the work is being performed) through the TrueBuild® Send4Seal program. This program sends the job to the Eagle Engineering Department for review and seal. The TrueBuild® user is able to track the status of their job in real time through their personal web portal on the Eagle Customer Site.

TrueBuild Batch

easily upload truss designs for review and seals by our experienced engineering group.


Truss files can be sent electronically to eagle engineering. Attach any other necessary files to the job to be sealed.

Track your status

Visit the customer site to track the progress of your seal request in real time and send any additional notes regarding the job to eagle engineering.


Get customized email notifications of jobs sent in for engineering review so that you always know the status of pending jobs.

Download package

Download seal request via the customer site as soon as you receive notification of completion.

So, how does it work?


Select trusses to send


Confirm seal details


Attach any associated files


Send to eagle engineering