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Our TrueBuild® software simplifies the design and engineering process of building components. And gives the user the ability to adopt, adapt and adjust at every step. It’s where high-tech meets high velocity.

Software Overview

Component manufacturers use TrueBuild® to efficiently design and engineer building components.

Demo the Software

TrueBuild Layout

TrueBuild Truss

TrueBuild Management

TrueBuild Cloud

TrueBuild Send 4 Seals

TrueBuild Batch

Create the envelope of the Structure

Truebuild® Layout seamlessly integrates within the Truebuild® Suite. The powerful layout tools let the user create the envelope of the structure, create the walls that then provide the planes to define the roof.

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  • True Parametric Design
  • Awesome 3D Renderings
  • Match Fascia
  • Cad File Integration
  • Define Groups
  • Ceiling Adjustments
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Workflow Example

With all the trusses labeled per the user’s preference, all of the individual trusses are now displayed in the Truss Profile window. At this point, the user can send the trusses to be engineered in the TrueBuild® Truss program.

Share awesome-looking 3D renderings

With TrueBuild Cloud users can send key files directly to a customer’s desktop or mobile device. The ability to represent to the customer what the project will actually look like is where component manufacturers will flourish or fall flat and TrueBuild Cloud ensures that the design communication to the customer is clear.

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Workflow Example

View your renderings on a mobile phone, tablet or any desktop computer. It all happens in the browser, so there’s no need for you or your client to have to download anything. Simplifying communication for better building results.

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Once all the trusses in the job have been run/designed to the satisfaction of the truss designer for the quote stage, the user can go back into TrueBuild® Management and complete the following tasks:

  • Review Financials
  • Edit/make adjustments
  • Prepare paperwork for Customers
  • Complete cost details & each individual component
  • Turn the quote into an order
  • Send 3D designs to the Customer with Truebuild Cloud.
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Engineering analysis and design

This platform performs sophisticated engineering analysis and design on both structural truss members. Truss operates profile and load data directly from the TrueBuild® Layout or can define from scratch.

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The program also generates all the cutting files required for all popular automated saws on the market as well as any printed paperwork that the component manufacturer wishes to generate. Such as individual or job cut sheets, lumber and plate picking lists, etc. This platform can also be used to send files to laser projection systems or automated puck setup tables.

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This program sends the job to the Eagle Engineering Department for review and seal. The TrueBuild® user is able to track the status of their job in real time through their personal web portal on the Eagle Customer Site.

  • Send truss files to be sent electronically to eagle engineering
  • Track your status
  • Get customized email notifications of jobs sent to review
  • Download seal request after completion
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