High Strength Connector Plates
Strength you can depend on

Customers depend on Eagle Metal to manufacture industry leading plates from high grade galvanized steel. We build right and deliver fast because the only thing stronger than an Eagle Metal plate is our commitment to serving you.

TrueBuild® Software
A Better Way to Build

TrueBuild® structural component software is changing the way fabricators approach the manufacturing process. TrueBuild® simplifies the process of designing, engineering, and fabricating trusses while enabling you to streamline your operations and better your business.

Engineering Services
Solutions for your success

The right truss designer will make your production more efficient and your plant more profitable. At Eagle Metal, we build complete working relationships with our customers to provide you with the design and engineering services your business needs to be successful.

Production Equipment
The right tool for the job

At Eagle Metal, we design production equipment for jobs of every size. From on-site repairs to manufactured housing plants, we have production equipment that will help you build quality components and get the job done right.

Put Eagle to the test.

For more than 30 years Eagle Metal has manufactured industry leading products with an unwavering commitment to quality. Find out more…

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